Gaming Residence



Type of opportunity: Participative Loan1

Modality: Development Loan2  

Profitability: 22%3 in 24 months (11%4 in 12 months)

Variable interest rate: 1% annual5

We introduce you GAMING RESIDENCES, a new development loan1 opportunity which consists of granting a loan to Gaming Residences S.L. for financing the expenses associated to the refurbishment and promotional actions of a new concept of university residence located in the district of Moncloa - Aravaca, (Madrid).


- It is the first residence for university gamers, offering an immersive and semi-professional experience in the eSports;

- It is a scalable business model that is presented as a solution for the development of two major growth markets: the university residential and the eSports markets;

- It counts with an area of 3,600m2 with accommodation capacity for at least 36 university students;

- The scoring of this opportunity is B. For more information click here.


GR is the first chain of residences for university gamers, being GR Madrid the flagship of the whole project. Likewise, it is the first and only formative business model in eSports with residences. It unifies two growing markets:

University residencial market:

- Booming, profitable and well-tested market. The student residences are a great bet for the investors within the real estate market;

- There are 400,000 students in Spain who do not even have a residential place. More than 30% of students in Spain require accommodation.

The eSports market:

- Audience and revenue rising; sports are a growing market and a trend in the entertainment of future generations;

- Urgent need of the industry to build infrastructure;

- Demand from the sector of a profitable business model that breaks the dependence on trademarks to sustain the industry.


The highlights of the business model are as follows: 

- First Mover Advantage: There is no business model like this at the moment; 

- Community: The business model is hard to replicate by other student residences. The company is working on agreements with universities, professional teams and leagues; 

- Location: It is placed in one of the best districts of Madrid (Valdemarín-Aravaca). It counts with an optimum emplacement, area, versatility and visibility for launching this kind of business. 

        The project has a total area of 3,642 m2, distributed in: 

  • GREEN AREAS: 2,100m2 including a swimming pool for the university students' enjoyment. 
  • INTERIOR AREAS: 1,542mconstructed, where will be installed the rooms (double and single), bathrooms, bootcamp room, training room, coworking room, gym, study room, competition arenas, GR office, cafeteria and dining room...


Gaming Residences S.L. was established in 2019 with the purpose of creating the first and only disruptive business model that combines Real Estate and technology for the growth and profitability of the gaming industry: Technology, Sports and Education. Gaming Residences S.L. will create its own community through electronic sports, becoming the leading chain of tech residences gathering the different agents involved in the industry


Risk information: The developer GAMING RESIDENCES S.L accumulates 0 projects in the platform, which does not imply an additional risk of concentration. The investor should be aware that Gaming Residences S.L may apply for other loans in the future on the platform in order to obtain financing for other projects, within the legal limits and as long as its financial situation allows it. Therefore, the future leverage of the company may be higher. The promoting company is responsible to investors for the information it has provided to the participative financing platform to be published on the website. Gaming Residences S.L. has a share capital at 11/03/2020 of 200,000 euros and equity at 11/03/2020 of 73,356.77 euros, so its responsibility in the project is limited to this amount. Housers' commission is financed within the project, so it is the investor who bears Housers' commission. Both the financing objective and the maximum term for investment on this opportunity may be extended by an additional 25% to the initially foreseen, according to the Law for the Promotion of Business Financing. Likewise, HOUSERS may consider the financing of this opportunity/project closed when it has been financed by 90%. These possibilities that the legislation offers to the platform, will be used when the typology and characteristics of the project advise it so that it can be carried out with a financing lower or higher than the requested and the execution periods are not harmed. For further information, click here.

1)  Intermediate financing instrument between capital ( equity participation) and long-term loan. Participative loans are loans (i.e. the promoter is obliged to repay the financing received) whose characteristic is that the interest received by the lender depends on the profits made by the borrower.

2)   Participative: Participative loan at 24 months to the company in which interests are monthly distributed and the principal is amortized at the end of the project. The interest is not guaranteed. 

3)   It is the total return on investment. It takes into account the total term of 24 months and the annual fixed interest agreed by the promoter. For more details see the Promoter's Report. 

4)   It is the total return on investment. It takes into account the total term of 12 months and the annual fixed interest agreed by the promoter. For more details see the Promoter's Report. 

5)   If the net profit of the company on 31st December of each financial year ("Financial Year End") which corresponds to the settlement of variable interest is equal to or greater than 1,000,000 euros, variable interest will be accrued in favour of the investors at the annual nominal rate established in the Accession documents and in Annex I".

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Funded capital:
330,000.00 €
Financing goal:
330,000.00 €
24 months
Participative loan
Estimated IRR:
11.59 %
Final IRR:
-99.99 %
Visible only to investors in the opportunity.