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January 2016 Launched in Spain
April 2017 Opening in Italy
August 2017 Opening in Portugal

Housers is the first savings and investment platform that has revolutionized the rules of the game making possible the democratization of investment in real assets. Today, thanks to Housers, thousands of investors can secure a future and get the most out of their savings with simplicity and diversification like never before.

Housers allows you to invest in assets that you can see and touch since all investments are always linked to tangible Real Estate assets. They are investment and saving products where the risk of total loss is very low and there is low volatility.

This way you can build a long-term heritage and get a month-to-month income.

Thanks to our presence in several countries, the diversification capacity of our users increases and makes a difference in the sector because Housers is the first pan-European platform that offers this type of assets in an integrated manner and in a single place.

Undoubtedly, Housers is the best option to ensure a magnificent financial future starting with € 50 only. .

We are financial experts that seek for your investment to get the best possible performance

Along with the most advanced BIG DATA tools and the best Partners,
we want your savings to grow in the safest way.

Juan A. Balcázar Juan A. Balcázar
Juan A. Balcázar
Álvaro Luna Álvaro Luna
Álvaro Luna
Founder and CREO
João Távora João Távora
João Távora
Managing Director International
Raúl Iglesias Raúl Iglesias
Raúl Iglesias
Chief Financial Officer
Miquel Blanes Miquel Blanes
Miquel Blanes
Chief Technical Officer
Marta Saigi Marta Saigi
Marta Saigi
Chief Operating Officer
Diana Piemari Diana Piemari
Diana Piemari
Chief Marketing Officer
David Pérez David Pérez
David Pérez
Chief Customer Officer
Lucia Tovar Lucia Tovar
Lucía Tovar
Chief HR Officer
Equipo Equipo

What we believe in?

Security Security
Justice Justice
Simplicity Simplicity
Transparency Transparency
Quality Quality


  1. Your investment will be protected by a payment entity approved by the Bank of Spain.
  2. We believe that everyone should be able to invest, which is why we make it possible for everyone with investments as low as € 50.
  3. We put at your disposal all the information about your investments, ensuring maximum transparency.
  4. Our properties are carefully selected by real estate experts in the center of the cities with the greatest projection, using the best tools of BIG DATA.
  5. A team of financial experts will ensure that your investments are safe and secure.
  6. We make it easy and simple. Being able to start investing whenever and wherever you want through our platform.