Flexible funding for companies

At Housers we help you obtain financing through our platform.

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    Send us your project.
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    Our specialists will analyse and evaluate it.
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    The project will be scored based on a financial analysis performed by an external company.
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    It will be published in Housers and notified to our investors.

We manage your project with our investors.

Find out how it works

Housers is the leading participative financing platform in Southern Europe.

More than 300 projects financed in Europe within the three business lines.
Users from over 150 different nationalities.
We are already more than 130,000 users on the platform.
Funding by debt and non-convertible participative loans for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
The loans are not listed on CIRBE.
Fast and easy process: 
Housers is responsible for raising and distributing profits and capital to investors.


From 5% interest.

Up to 5,000,000 euros of financing per project and year depending on the type of project.

Amortization terms suited to your needs: Starting at 6 months.

Flexible amortization, French or bullet type.

Advanced cancellation if required.

Easy, fast and flexible.

More than 300 funded projects within our 3 business lines.

Real estate projects

Its purpose is to democratize investment in the real estate sector, offering assets to investors which are tangible and visible. Your investments are always linked to real estate.

Renewable energy projects

It was launched to allow investors enter the world of renewable energy. These projects include the construction of solar parks, photovoltaic plants and wind turbine farms.

Business projects

Its objective is offering new investment alternatives to investors and providing companies access to credit for the development of business projects of all kinds.

The results speak for us.

More than 300 projects successfully funded.

More than 125 million euros borrowed to companies by our investors.

More than 130,000 users who can finance the projects.

Maximum diffusion of your project throughout our information networks.

Thanks to our platform you will be able to find the funding you need for your project

Housers offers you, as a developer or company, a fast and flexible way of financing complementary to the traditional banking system.
Simultaneously it works as an advertising platform thanks to the huge impact that many projects generate in the media and the broad database of Housers investors.

¿Quieres saber más?

What kind of projects can be financed at Housers?

Housers investors can help you finance real estate opportunities, business projects and sustainable plans.

How much can be financed?

Up to €5,000,000 per project and year.

How much does it cost?

Both our fee and interest to investors will be established based on the projects feasibility, location, current status, and scoring obtained by the project, as well as the current on-sale opportunities.

Who can be financed at Housers?

All companies legally registered in any European Union country. In the case of natural persons, they must be tax resident in any European Union State. All of this after the platform has performed a feasibility analysis.

Which requirements must be satisfied when seeking financing for your project at Housers?

You must have proven previous experience and a feasible project that satisfies quality requirements. These may later be evaluated by an external risk analysis company.

What is participatory financing?

Participatory Finance Platform is the juridical name given to the platforms popularly known as Crowdlending Platforms. These are companies that operate online and act as intermediaries between financing applicants and investors.

I want to fund my project.

Please send an email to getfunding@housers.com, do not forget to include this information:

  • Identification details: name, company, address, VAT number and e-mail.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Technical information.