Alternative funding of real estate projects

At Housers we help you to find the funding for your real estate projects.

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    Send us your project.
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    Our specialists will analyse and evaluate it.
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    The project will be scored based on a financial analysis performed by an external company.
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    It will be published in Housers and notified to our investors.

We manage your project with our investors.

Housers is the leading crowdlending platform in Southern Europe.

More than 350 projects funded in Europe.
More than 135,000 users of the platform.
Users from over 160 different nationalities.
Our loans are not listed in CIRBE .
Quick and easy process: send us your project and we will evaluate it.
Housers oversees the capture and distribution of profits and capital to investors.


Loans at 5% annual interest rate

Funding of up to 5,000,000 euros per project

Repayment terms adapted to your needs starting at 6 months

Flexible amortization bullet type

Early cancellation if needed

Unlisted in CIRBE.

Thanks to our platform you will be able to find the funding you need for your project

Housers offers you, as a developer or company, a fast and flexible way of funding complementary to the traditional banking system.
Simultaneously it works as an advertising platform thanks to the huge impact that many projects generate in the media and the broad database of Housers investors.

Would you like to know more?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding Platform is the legal name given to what are popularly known as Crowdlending Platforms. These companies operate online and act as intermediaries between funding applicants and investors.

What kind of projects can be funded through Housers?

Housers investors can fund entrepreneurial real estate projects.

Who can get funded with Housers?

Any company validly incorporated in any State of the European Union. In the case of natural persons, they must have their tax residence in any EU Member State.
All this after a feasibility analysis has been conducted by the platform.

How much can be funded?

Up to €5,000,000 per project per year.

What are the requirements to seek funding for your project with Housers?

You must have previous proven experience as a developer and a viable project that meets quality requirements that can later be assessed by an external risk analysis company.

How much will it cost you?

Both our fee and the interest to investors will be defined according to the viability of the project, location, status, and the scoring obtained by the project, as well as the projects that are active at the time.

The results speak for us.

More than 300 projects successfully funded.

More than 125 million euros borrowed to companies by our investors.

More than 130,000 users who can finance the projects.

Maximum diffusion of your project throughout our information networks.

I want to fund my project.

Please send an email to, do not forget to include this information:

  • Identification details: name, company, address, VAT number and e-mail.
  • Curricula vitae of key profiles.
  • Technical information.