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Invest in Different Types of Opportunities
Learn about our different types of opportunities, that allow you to diversify to the max.

Real estate projects

Its purpose is to democratize investment in the real estate sector, offering assets to investors which are tangible and visible. Your investments are always linked to real estate.

Renewable energy projects

It was launched to allow investors enter the world of renewable energy. These projects include the construction of solar parks, photovoltaic plants and wind turbine farms.

Business projects

Its objective is offering new investment alternatives to investors and providing companies access to credit for the development of business projects of all kinds.

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You only have to choose the opportunities you like. You don’t need to worry about paperwork, managing tenants, managing renovation works etc. It is all taken care of. \nAlways keep in mind that diversifying reduces considerably the risk in your portfolio. Housers allows you to invest in different countries, cities, neighbourhoods, types of opportunities and types of operation.
At Housers it is easy to get the most out of your money.


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