Sun Energy


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Type of opportunity: Loan

Modality: Development Loan1 

Yield: 10%2 in 24 months, with a 5%3 annual interest

Scoring: AA, for more information click here

We present Sun Energy, a development loan opportunity1 that consists in granting a loan to a developer society to finance the acquisition of 6 rights equivalent to 6 megawatts (MW) for a subsequent construction, operation and sale in Polonia.

Household equivalence: 1.850 (average national consumption)

This project will save CO2 equivalent to 2.489 oil tons.


- Fight against climate change: the energetic process of the renewables do not emit greenhouse gas, therefore, these are considered the cleanest and most viable solution to environmental degradation;

- It is endless: the raw materials used are free and endless, unlike traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy, whose reserves are finite and highly expensive;

- Competitive growth: the latest renewable technologies drastically reduced the costs associated with the renewables, making these even more competitive with the conventional energies.


The project is located in Poland. The country has become an european benchmark with a strong commitment with renewable energy.

To hightlight:

- The area where the project will take place is one of the most productive in Poland, with 60% of the country's solar parks;

- The European Horizon 2020 programme estimates that from 2020 onwards Poland will generate 15% of its energy from renewable;

- With the new law supporting new investments, adopted in 2018, Poland has become a "special economic zone", offering more privileges to investors for a period between 10 and 15 years in all the country;

- The European Investment Bank (EIB) is promoting solar energy projects in Poland, providing funds for small and medium-sized photovoltaic parks;

- Solar energy has become the second most relevant technology after wind, making Poland the fourth European country with the highest annual sales and the first in terms of growth dynamics.



The developer company is IMASD ENERGÍAS, S.L., a leading Spanish company with a team formed by more than 120 professionals with 10 years of experience. Located in 4 countries, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania, they offer promotion, development, operation, maintenance and construction of photovoltaic installations.

I+D Energías owns the following certifications ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-50001 and OHSAS-18001. Furthermore, it also received the Mejor Pyme award, granted by Bankia.

Being one of the specialists in Poland, after carrying out a multitude of these projects, the group has a large knowledge regarding the market.

In particular: 

- Large photovoltaic parks: more than 148 megawatts built and more than 213 under development;

- Photovoltaic self-consumption: more than 150 projects;

- Energy efficiency: more than 600 projects built;


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Funded capital:
420,000.00 €
Financing goal:
420,000.00 €
24 months
Development loan
Estimated IRR:
5.00 %
Final IRR:
4.92 %
Visible only to investors in the opportunity.