NOTE: We inform you that from January 9th, 2020 the annual yield of the EARLYIELD functionality will vary according to each project. This information will be specified in the opportunity description.


We all know that maximizing your yields is an important factor that determines how to choose your investment. For this reason, from July on, every Housers’ projects will have new functionality that addresses this investment’s need.
We introduce you to EARLYIELD, that gives you an extra annual yield on your investment in our on-sale opportunities. It is immediate: you start earning the yields from the moment you invest until the project reaches its entire funding.

Make the most out of your money from the very first moment in which you make your investment!

How does EARLYIELD work?

EARLYIELD is a functionality that will be applied to every Housers’ on-sale projects.
It works in a very easy manner: from the moment in which you make your investment in any of the on-sale opportunities, you will get an extra annual yield until the moment in which the project is funded.

In a few words, you won’t have to wait for the project developer to return the capital or the capital and interests, depending on the typology of project. You will get income from the very first moment in which you start investing. Furthermore, you won’t have to introduce any code, neither to follow any particular instructions, everything works automatically.

The sooner you invest in an on-sale project, the greater your income will be during the funding period. The annual yield that you get due to EARLYIELD is calculated taking into account the amount you invest and the days you have to wait until the opportunity reaches its complete

Practical example EARLYIELD

If you invest 1000 euros, the extra annual yield is 10% on the 7th of July and the project’s funding on the 29th of July, it means that the amount that you have invested will remain in the project for 23 days. As a consequence, your annual yield will be: (10% in 12 months / 360 days) x 23 days / 360 days of the year. The result is equal to 0,64%, which is 6,4 euros.

The project’s funding is not a problem anymore: you can easily invest as soon as the project is published without missing the opportunity to invest in it! Thanks to Earlyield, you won’t only get a yield increase, but also an exta given by Housers with the aim of maximizing your investment from the very first moment in which you make your investment.

When will the investor get EARLYIELD?

You will get EARLYIELD on the last day of the subsequent month in which the project will be funded. Going back to the previous example, if the project gets funded on the 29th of July, the EARLYIELD’s interests will be given back on the 31st of August.

EARLYIELD: the sooner you invest, the more you earn!