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Ciudad Gran Turia

Fixed interest<br>(rent) Fixed interest
Risk level B

New savings opportunity in Valencia:  4.40% annual interest for three years!

The zero commission promo will be applied automatically for any investment that you make in this project. Enjoy no Housers fees for the first 12 months- no minimum investment necessary and no need to enter a code!

Type of opportunity: Loan. Type of investment: Fixed interest (rent) 13,20% in 36 months.

Introducing, Ciudad Gran Turia, a unique and very special savings opportunity. This project entails the concession of a loan to a project developer for the purchase of 29 lofts and their respective parking spaces in an office complex in Valencia. These lofts will be rented out to generate rental income. 

Ciudad Gran Turia consists of a 172,259 sqm complex of office buildings. This complex is a benchmark business center in the Valencian Community and one of the most avant-garde in Europe. This massive commercial complex includes 14 office buildings complete with leisure areas, commercial spaces, a loft area, a swimming pool and 1,436 parking spaces. Furthermore, 31,500 sqm of the complex are undeveloped green areas. 

Nearby you can find a multitude of services such as the Gran Turía Shopping Center with cinemas, shops and pharmacies as well as gas stations, schools and institutes and other large companies where they have their headquarters. Only 15 minutes separate the business complex from the Valencia airport, also just 10 minutes from the port, and 15 from the AVE station and the center of Valencia.

It is important to note that:

  1. The building has already been fully built, so capitalization on this project will be immediate.
  2. The developer has already delivered a portion of the purchase as a deposit.
  3. A lease has already been signed between the project developer and a hotel operator who will utilize the lofts as hotel rooms for workers in the Gran Turia complex.
  4. The project developer undertakes to deliver the furnished lofts to the hotel operator who will take charge of renting them out.
  5. The project developer has signed a lease contract for all 29 of the lofts to be rented out for a guaranteed fixed monthly rent of € 34,800, equal to € 417,600 per year, for a minimum of 6 years starting from October 1, 2018.
  6. The hotel operator guarantees a sufficient annual fixed income to cover the payment of interest and the return of the principal in full accordance with all of the documentation submitted via the platform.
  7. The project developer delivers an additional guarantee that you can see on slide 4 of the project developer's report.
  8. In this opportunity you will not have to wait for the lofts to be rented, the project developer has the obligation to pay whether they are rented or not. Therefore, you will start earning income from the first month until the developer repays the loan. 
  9. The interest is 4.40% per year, for three years. A total yield of 13,20% for 36 months.
  10. The scoring of this opportunity is B. 
  11. Remember that as an investor, you can always get in touch with the rest of the investors to sell your investment in the Marketplace.

The distribution of the project is as follows:

  • The 29 lofts cover four upper floors in a building, each with a total area ranging ​​between 90 and 150 meters squared.
  • The ground floor where the commercial premises are located.
  • Three basement floors with the parking garage and storage rooms.

The lofts have an exceptional finish thanks to the use of top quality materials and high-end brands. This creates an exceptional exclusivity, while also providing them with an innovative and avant-garde design.

In the dossier please find all of the characteristics of this project.

The project development company is the Cirkuitplanet group, owner of the Mywigo brand of smartphones.

In addition, it is important to know that the GOC monitors all projects of this type so there will be a permanent control of all the capital contributed by the investors.

Invest in Valencia!

*Promotion not cumulative. Only valid for new investments in the Ciudad Gran Turia project from 08/24/2018 until the project is fully funded. You do not need to enter any code. The discount on the project commissions will be applied for 12 months on the management fee of 10% on the benefit

3,047.89 m2
29 Bedrooms
29 Bathrooms

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29 Lofts + 29 Parking spots
Project Funded
527 Investors
288,833.00 €
Term: 36 months
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Annual Yield

4.40 %


13.20 %
Term: is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
Total profitability: is the estimated total return on the investment. It takes into account the term and the fixed annual interest agreed by the developer.


Funding started

August 24, 2018

Funding completed

September 14, 2018