Boladilla Beach

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Exciting continuation of a development loan opportunity in Malaga: 8.50% in 12 months!

Type of Opportunity: Participative Loan                                     Modality: Development Loan1 

Boladilla Beach is the second phase of the recently financed project; La Boladilla Village. This new-built property is located in one of the most luxurious areas in the South of Spain, Malaga, specifically between Marbella and Estepona. In this case, the loan will go to the project developer for the construction of four of the homes of the village.

It is important to note: 

  1. The project developer already has the permission to build the first phase of the 16-property project. In this case, 4 will be financed. 
  2. Two of the four properties are already reserved. (50%)
  3. The project is ready and awaiting license. 
  4. This is a development loan project meaning there is no need to wait for the sale of the properties, you can begin receiving earnings from month one up until the project developer amortizes the loan. This project has a 8.50% yield in only 12 months! 

Boladilla Beach is located in a privileged area, just minutes away from the capital of the Costa del Sol, Marbella. In addition, it is close to Puerto Banus as well as Sotogrande, two of the most important marinas in the Mediterranean. The international airport of Malaga is only 50 minutes away by car and Gibraltar is 15 minutes away. 

The project will be a private residential complex with private security 24h, and all the amenities at hand like tropical gardens, large pools, private gym, cafeteria, mini-market, a school, and SPA.

Through the project, the project developer will finance four houses of approximately 500m2 each (including terraces and garden) distributed in:

  • Two floors with a terrace of 20m2
  • Attic 
  • Three Bedrooms 
  • Two bathrooms and one half-bath 

The project developer By Nok is a company with more than 30 years of experience, that in record time has become one of the leaders in architecture, construction, and development of Real Estate with more than 5.000 developed properties in the last few years. 

Why invest?

  • Annual yield of 8.50% 2
  • You will receive earning from the first moment and month-to-month
  • Liquidity in only 12 months 

If you missed the first round, now is your chance to invest in Boladilla Beach!

Risks and warnings: Housers is not a credit institution nor an investment services company. Investment in projects published by HOUSERS is not covered by any investment fund. This project has not been supervised by the CNMV, the Bank of Spain or any other regulator, Spanish or foreign. The information provided by the promoter has not been reviewed by the CNMV nor is it a prospectus approved by the CNMV. Housers does not provide financial advice, so nothing on this website should be interpreted as such. The investment in this project involves the following risks: risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital, risk of not obtaining the expected cash yield and risk of illiquidity to recover the investment; subordinate character of the loan, in particular to the mortgagee, in those cases in which the acquisition of the property object of the project is financed additionally by means of loans with mortgage guarantee. The expressed profitability is based on mere estimates of the future evolution of the amount of real estate prices, which may or may not occur. The developer accumulates 1 project on the platform, which entails an additional risk of concentration. The promoter has limited own resources so that his responsibility in the project is limited to 60,623.57 euros. However, there is an additional guarantee that you can consult in the Promoter's Report. The maximum term to invest in this opportunity may be lengthened by an additional 25% to the term initially foreseen, in accordance with the Law for the Promotion of Business Financing. Likewise, HOUSERS may close the financing of this opportunity / project closed when it has been financed by 90%.

Note: the image of the project is merely illustrative and not contractual.

1 Development Loan: Loan at a 12-month fixed rate to the real estate developer where interest is distributed monthly and the principal is amortized at the end of the project.

2 Fixed annual interest of the loan. Although, the interest is not guaranteed, there is an additional guarantee provided by the developer.

2,018 m2
12 Bedrooms
12 Bathrooms

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4 Luxury Villas
Term: 12 months
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March 2, 2018

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March 31, 2018

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July 19, 2018