Cardenal Benlloch

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Risk level D

After the success of Senda del Aire, Maestro Serrano and the most recent Avenida del Puerto, a new development loan opportunity returns, 10% in 12 months, for a real estate development project in Valencia.

Type of Opportunity: Loan Modality: Development Loan 

Immediately after Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia ranks as the third most populated city in Spain, where the real estate market is in the initial phase of the recovery that characterized the real estate success of Madrid and Barcelona.

Cardenal Benlloch is a project that consists in granting a loan to a project developer for the construction of a residential building located in the Alboraya district of Valencia.

Alboraya is one of the most fashionable areas of the capital, 10 minutes from the center of Valencia and less than 3 km from the most famous beach, the Malvarrosa.

Important Points to consider:

  • 12 of the total 14 apartments have already been sold. 
  • The project developer is PROMOCIONES CONSTRUBECKER SL is the same as the Senda del Aire, Maestro Serrano and Avenida del Puerto projects, already successfully financed on the platform and whose investors are already achieving monthly returns. You can see the progress of the three projects in their respective timelines.
  • The land is already owned and was obtained by exchange while the construction license has already been requested and is awaiting approval by the city council.
  • It is a development loan opportunity, meaning you will not have to wait for the sale of the property, you will start earning from the first month up until the project developer repays the entire loan. The yield is XX% in just 12 months!
  • The scoring of this opportunity is D. To learn more about the new scoring system, click here

The building is made up of 14 apartments distributed over 5 floors. On the top floor there is a duplex with a spacious terrace.

Meanwhile the ground floor will have a large 140m2 lobby with direct access from the street. Each apartment will also have a storage unit as well as a parking space, distributed between the ground floor and the basement. 

The apartments vary in size from 90 to 130 m2 with the following distribution:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Terrace for private use.

The building is located on Calle Aben al Abbar at number 15, very close to the iconic City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia designed by the architect Calatrava.

The area has all the necessary services such as shopping centers, schools, supermarkets, spas, sports halls and green areas. It is perfectly connected, both for public and private transport, with easy access to main roads, buses, metro and the exit for the V-30 motorway.

The real estate market has been growing at an average rate of 6.74% in sales since 2013. Housing prices are increasing accordingly, registering a + 2.74% in the first four months of the year compared to the previous year.

The construction company, PROMOCIONES CONSTRUBECKER SL has 25 years of experience both nationally, (especially in Valencia and surroundings) and outside of Spain with international projects in the Dominican Republic and Algeria.

In addition, thanks to the close agreement with the GOC company, to monitor our projects, all the capital raised by the Housers community will be under permanent control.

Why invest in Cardenal Benlloch?

  • Valencia's real estate market is growing, it is hoped that it will have the same trend in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Great location, just 10 minutes from the heart of the city and 3 km from the most famous beach, the Malvarrosa
  • The experience of the real estate development company with three opportunities already financed through Housers (Senda del Aire, Maestro Serrano and Avenida del Puerto)
  • 12 of the 14 total apartments have already been sold
  • 10% annual return with monthly payments

On the following graphic you can see the yield-risk relationship for this type of opportunities; development loan


Don’t waste any time, take advantage of Valencia's high performance to diversify your investment portfolio with a development loan project!

2,557.33 m2
42 Bedrooms
28 Bathrooms

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14 apartments + 1 Commercial Property
Project generating income
Project generating income
805 Investors
Term: 12 months
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Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
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Funding started

February 13, 2018

Funding completed

February 20, 2018