Statistical data released by the General Council of Notaries for the first quarter of 2016 indicate that housing sales and price per square meter have both experienced an annual growth. In addition, the growth is also visible for the sale of apartments and the average price per square meter, as well as the number of granted mortgages. The positive data for this sector is certifying a continued organic growth for the months to come.

The presented data, investments and sales nationwide rose 18, 6%, with very significant growth in most of the regions except Navarre (-15.8%) and Aragon (-2.9%), while prices per square meter were up by 4%.

Looking at the number of transactions per  autonomous communities, Asturias and Catalonia stand out, with an increase of 29,5% and 24,4% respectively, Galicia was theregion with the lowest growth (+9.7%).

On the other hand, the price per square meter stood at 1,297 euros, which was exceeded by Basque Country (2,190 euros), Baleares (2,122 euros) and Madrid (1.874 euros).

In Madrid the price per square meter increased by 5%. The largest annual increase in the average price per square meter was recorded in La Rioja (+ 15.4%) and Castilla-La Mancha (+14.6%).

The number of transactions of flats sold rose by 18.2%.

Data from the general council of notaries show a very similar increase between general housing sales and flats. The transactions in flats have grown most in: Catalonia (+23.2%), Baleares (+23.4%) and Asturias (+24.1%). The average price per square meter of flats nationwide has reached 1,418 euros. The annual rate of change has been between 2% and 4% for most communities. The regions where the largest increases occurred were in La Rioja (+13.7%) and the Balearic Islands (+17%).

Mortgages rose by 12.4%

The first quarter of 2016 represented an increase of 12.4% from the first quarter last year. The mortgage lending increased in all regions except for Aragon (-2.5%). Specifically the number of mortgages for the  purchase of housing experienced widespread double digit growth, the national average being 28.1%, except in Navarra where the number of mortgage loans for the house purchases fell 0.3%.

The autonomous region where growth has been the greatest was in Castilla-La Mancha (+36.3%).

The average amount has also experienced growth of 10.1% at a national level, amounting to 157,208 euros.