Piedmont is a region in Italy that has a rich cultural history, natural landscapes, and architectural heritage. Situated in the northwest region of Italy, bordering France and Switzerland, Piedmont feels as though it is the setting for an Italian fairytale.

The name Piedmont (Piamonte in Italian) has Latin roots and literally translates as “at the foot of the mountains,” due to the region being situated at the foot of the Alps. Here you can find the highest mountains and glaciers in all of Italy.

The capital of the region is the city of Turin which was the root of some of the most important cultural movements in the world. Turin is famous for its refined architecture, restaurants, and art. The great Le Corbusier (known as the father of modern architecture) referred to Turin as the city with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The surrounding parks, rivers, and great lakes create a dreamlike environment reminiscent of nearby Tuscany.

For centuries Turin was home to the royal House of Savoy, and this history retains a notable influence throughout the city. The historical heritage is so abundant that one could almost consider the entire city to be a museum. The city itself was key in the creation of the Italian State, and this epic story can be traced in the magnificent Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento in the heart of Turin. The Castillo de Valentino, Sábana Santa, the Palace of Carignanco, and the Plaza de San Carlo are just some of the notable wonders that can be found in this incredible city.

If this weren’t enough, Piedmont, being Italy´s second largest region with an area of 25,402 km squared, is full of world famous vineyards that represent one sixth of the total vineyards in the country. The region is known for its wines, aromatic white truffles, and specialty chocolate.

UNESCO has declared multiple sites in the region of Piedmont as World Heritage Sites. Los Palafitos (prehistoric pile dwellings) around the Alps and the wine-growing landscape of the regions of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato are just two notable examples.

Castellero Timeless Charm Resort

The new Housers new project is being developed right in the heart of the Piedmont region in a small town called Castellero. Castellero is a charming town with less than 300 residents located less than 60km from the capital city of Turin. The town’s focal point is a castle that dates back to the fourteenth century, and was built on the ruins of a smaller and older castle, leading the new castle and eventually the town to be named “Castellero,” which literally means ¨destroyed castle.¨ The reconstruction was a great success, and today the castle is full of historical charm, artistic beauty, and architectural details. To this day, the castle still calls to mind many of the ruins of the Renaissance period its structures.

Without a doubt, one of the best attractions of Castellero is simply its natural landscape. The town is surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and breathtaking views everywhere you look. The Castellero property gives a 360-degree view of the horizon. From this viewpoint, it is possible to see the plains of Villanova, the hills of Albese and Turin, the Alps, and on clear days you can even see the Alpine Summits arranged in a crown from south to north. Castellero is perfect for a tranquil vacation filled with wine tasting, breathtaking vistas, and, of course, superb Italian food.

If views and wine aren’t quite enough for you, Castellero is perfectly situated with close proximity to various golf courses, ski resorts, and thermal baths, among many other tourist attractions. A little over an hour drive will bring you to 9 different golf courses, while if you travel just a bit further, you will find 6 ski resorts in the Italian, French and Swiss Alps, and also the thermal resorts of Terme Torino and Pré Saint Didier. There is plenty to see and do within a very short distance for the more adventurous tourist.

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