It is almost Summer, days are sunny and warm and you cannot stop thinking about how good it would be to take some days off.  What if we tell you that you can win a weekend trip around Europe thanks to Housers?

You just have to invest and we’ll take care about the holidays.

FlyKube ✈️

Below this wonderful news, there’s a great idea. It is the case of FlyKube a Spanish-Italian startup with headquarters in Barcelona. FlyKube is revolutionizing the way we normally travel and it is the startup we approached to offer you a fantastic surprise.   

What makes this service unique is the surprise itself: once you book your trip, you get to know your destination only 2 days before the departure, giving an exciting touch to a holiday which is already exciting itself.

How can I win? 🏆

Every day from Monday 20 to Friday 31 May 2019, you will have the chance to win a 150€ voucher that gives you the possibility to plan an incredible surprise weekend around Europe.

How can I participate? You will only have to make an investment of at least 100€ in the on-sale opportunities during the period of time in which the competition is active. When it’ll be over, on Monday 3rd of June we will communicate the lottery’s winners that will win 12 vouchers, each one of a value of 150€. The vouchers will be drawn at the end of the competition. Only those who have invested in the on-sale opportunities during the established period of time and that are fiscal residents in Spain, Italy or Portugal, will be eligible to win the competition.

The more you invest, the higher the chances you have to win!

Not bad, uh? Visit FlyKube’s website and find out more information about their surprise holidays.

In addition, we want to remind you that during the month of May you can invest with zero commissions for 12 months and receive 50€ for each friend that you invite to invest through Housers What are you waiting for?

**Those who participate in the lottery need to accept and adhere to the lottery’s rules as well as to those that are related to HOUSERS’. In addition, there will be applied, as a supplement, the “Legal Information” that can be found in the HOUSERS’ website ( Subsequently, participants will have to read through and understand the rules before participating in the lottery, especially because they can be modified from the first time they are launched. The following rules have been accepted and it begins to apply when the investors invest in the Real Estate opportunities that are linked to the lottery in that specific moment. The consensus and the rules both imply the acceptance by the company that delivers the trips  (

1.Requirements to participate. It gives the opportunity to all investors who invest for the first time through HOUSERS as well as those who have already invested through the platform, during the duration of the draw of the trips, to participate. Any investor of the HOUSERS platform may participate in the Draw, whether the natural or legal person, with tax residence in Spain, Italy or Portugal, who has made an investment of at least ONE HUNDRED (100) EUROS in any of the opportunities published in the HOUSERS platform during the duration of the Draw who invest a minimum of 100€ in the on-sale opportunities published on the website (not in those that are posted in the Direct Communication Channel (DCC)), and in which, in the description, it is clearly indicated that they can participate in the prize competition, will be able to participate in the draw. 

2.Participation date. The participation period will be from Monday, May 21 at 0:01 to Friday, May 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm (CEST). Participation that will be made after the draw’s date as well as those that do not comply with the totality of the requirements or that are not fully right according to HOUSERS, will not be taken into consideration. In many cases, HOUSERS has the right to suspend, postpone, cancel or modify the lottery’s participation date, without HOUSERS incurring any liability to the Participants. 

3.Procedure. On Monday, June 3, 2019, 12 winners and as many alternate winners will be selected from among those investors who meet the requirements for participation in the Sweepstakes. They will receive before June 20, 2019 (inclusive) an e-mail with the document accrediting their prize to be redeemed on the website of the travel provider selected by HOUSERSThese winners and alternates will be selected using a random online tool (such as or similar). Only the first investment made during the term of the Draw will be included as participants in the Draw. The trips’ provider will be an external company that will manage the trips’ prizes that will consist of: integrated tourist package, consisting of roundtrip flights and accommodation with a random destination depending on the product. HOUSERS is not forced to cover the position of the winner nor to grant the prize to more Participants if (i) any of them freely renounces to it or does not comply with some or of the requirements demanded in the present rules (ii) it is not possible to contact the winner due to incorrect, incomplete or false personal data or does not send a reply to the message sent by HOUSERS (iii) The winner will have to answer this message accepting the Prize and at that moment will receive a message with the document accrediting his prize, which can be exchanged by entering the website of the travel provider chosen by HOUSERS.  

4.Prizes. The lottery prize consists of a surprise trip valued at ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (150) EUROS.
The travel supplier will be an external company selected by HOUSERS but with no other relationship than to be a supplier. The trip consists of an integrated tourist package, consisting of return flight and accommodation with a random destination depending on the product: Surprise destination: The user chooses the dates of the trip but the destination is random (chosen by the trips’ provider, subject to availability and operated by a third air operator and other collaborators). The user can choose if he prefers a trip from Friday to Sunday or from Saturday to Monday, the trip will be made during the following 12 weeks (chosen by the trips’ provider, subject to availability and operated by a third-party air operator and other collaborators).  After redeeming their prize, winners will be waiting for confirmation of the availability of the package selected by the supplier company, not depending on HOUSERS such confirmation and subsequent efforts to the communication of the winner. Housers will give 12 prizes. The prize cannot be substituted with anything else in favor of the winner of the subsequent winner of the draw. In no event shall HOUSERS be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, consequential damages and lost profits) suffered by the winner or alternate winner or third parties in connection with such prize or participation in the draw, other than those that are irrevocable by law. HOUSERS does not have the responsibility to possible losses, damages, robbery, delay or any other circumstance attributed to third parties that can affect the sending of the prize. In the same way, HOUSERS does not have any responsibilities on the service that the trips’ provider gives to the winner or to the alternate winner. The sale and/or the commercialization of the prizes are forbidden. 

5.Right to remove fraudulent participation. In any case, if HOUSERS detects that the Participant or winner has incurred fraud or dishonesty in participation, HOUSERS reserves the right to exclude the Participant and/or winner or not deliver the prize that may have corresponded. Therefore, HOUSERS reserves the right to remove from the register any Participant and/or winner suspected of irregular action, without the need to notify the participant/winner. HOUSERS intends that all participants participate on equal terms in each of the promotions and with strict respect for the rules of good faith. 

6.Responsibilities.  HOUSERS, its suppliers, subcontractors, collaborators, agents or distributors are exempted from any liability for damages, whether physical or of any other kind, that the winner of the Draw may suffer for any action or omission not attributable to HOUSERS, its suppliers, contractors, collaborators, agents or distributors, during the enjoyment of the prize and within the limits established in the applicable regulations. In the event of any technical or operational failure that hinders the normal development of the Draw and, in particular, makes it impossible to determine the winner, HOUSERS will end the Draw without the Participants having the right to claim any amount from HOUSERS for any reason. HOUSERS reserves the right to make changes and/or modifications that result in the good end of the Draw when there is just cause or reasons of major force that prevent to carry it to its completion in the way that the present legal bases collect.   HOUSERS reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or modify this Draw and to modify the content of these rules at any time in the event that any unforeseen circumstance occurs that is beyond its reasonable control, whether accidental, force majeure, or due to the irregular activity of the Participants or a third party, without HOUSERS incurring any liability whatsoever to the Participants, prizewinners or third parties. 

7.Award recipients. Participation in this promotional action will mean: full acceptance of these rules and express renouncement of any jurisdiction that may correspond to the Participants, provided that the regulations in force do not determine otherwise as to what should be regulated and the jurisdiction that should know in the relations between HOUSERS and the Participants of the Draw, accepting the Spanish legislation and the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid as competent to investigate any claim. If any stipulation of these rules were to be declared totally or partially null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall only affect said provision or part thereof that is null or ineffective, the rest of the rules shall remain in force and such provision or part thereof that is affected by not being put in place, unless, as being essential to these rules, it would have to affect them in an integral manner. The prizes will be subject to the legislation in Spain. 

8.Data Protection. In compliance with the applicable regulations and, in particular, the provisions of Articles 12 to 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of data and the free movement of such data (“RGPD”), and Organic Law 3/ 2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, we inform you of the following: – Only the participation of persons over 18 years of age is allowed.
– The data of the participant and winner will be incorporated into a personal file, the responsibility of HOUSERS GLOBAL PROPERTIES, PFP, S.L., with address at Calle Príncipe de Vergara 112, 1ª planta 28002, Madrid.
– The purpose of the treatment of your data will be the participation in the draw of a trip, in order to proceed to the communication in case you are the winner. In order to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition, written communication must be sent to the address for these purposes, attaching a copy of your ID or equivalent identification document.
– That the data may be transferred to public or private third parties when required by law or the management of the promotion.
– That HOUSERS will keep the personal data of the participants for the time required by the applicable regulations which, in any case, will not exceed 6 years.
– HOUSERS undertakes not to apply or use the personal data collected in the contest for any purpose other than that set out in these bases.

 9.Advertising. By participating to the Draw each of the winners expressly consents that HOUSERS may carry out the advertising of the Draw and its results on the Internet and by other channels, including your name and/or user name, if it deems appropriate. In that case, you may not require any consideration or oppose such publication, except by expressly renouncing the prizes through written communication. In addition, the Participants and/or winners expressly authorize HOUSERS to the use, diffusion and advertising use of the personal data provided, through any type of media or support, including paper, digital, web, communications in general, etc. for the implementation of institutional, promotional and corporate activities of various kinds. This authorization has a worldwide geographical scope and is granted free of charge. Its duration is the maximum period allowed by law.