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Risk level A

This project benefits of *EARLYIELD: the latest feature that enables you to get an annual yield of 10% from the first moment in which you make your investment. For more information, check our blog

This is the first Housers' project with a Flex Contract, a new type of contract that has a duration of 12 months, that can be expanded up to 6 more months. For more information check out our blog

Type of opportunity: Loan.                Modality: Development loan 1   Flex Contract 2.

New development loan1 project in Rimini with a 8,5%3 yield in 12 months (counts with the posibility of an extensión of 6 months)2.

We present Flow, the new development loan1 project that consists in the granting of a loan to a developer to cover the costs of renovating a property in the city of Rimini, in Italy.

Rimini is a city on the Adriatic coast, in the Emilia Romagna region, internationally famous for being a summer resort  destination with hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, top beaches and sports facilities. It is the destination of thousands of locals and tourists, who fill their beaches every year and is reputed to be the Italian capital of fun in summer.

But Rimini is not only a summer resort destination, but also a very interesting historical-cultural city: the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, the Malatestian Temple, the work of the Franciscans and the city's main Catholic cult temple; Sismondo Castle; and the Roman Amphitheater. Rimini is also the city of Fellini the famous director of La dolce vita, Amarcord and much more.

Why invest?

  • Strategic location.
  • The yield is 8.5% 3 for 12 months + 10% for every 6 months!
  • The scoring of this opportunity is A.
  • It is a project that finances a commercial activity

The financing granted by Housers will cover a part (approximately a quarter) of the investment costs for the renovation of the building, the equipment and the furniture.

The restaurant / pizzeria / cocktail bar format will be located in the central Piazza San Martino of Rimini, in the historic center of Rimini where there are several restaurants, bars and shops.

The renovation work includes the transformation of the current store into a restaurant / pizzeria / cocktail with a contemporary but familiar flavor.

Construction work will affect floors, walls, electrical, hydraulic systems and vacuum systems. The equipment (kitchen and bar) will be last generation and custom. Wood will be used especially for furniture, in order to create an informal but elegant atmosphere.

The restaurant will be open seven days a week throughout the year. The opening hours will be the aperitif, dinner and after dinner, so customers will be welcome from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

The area in which the project will be developed is identified as one of the most populated and attractive in the city of Rimini.

Rimini can count on a constant and increasingly seasonally adjusted tourism, with almost two million presences registered during 2017 (1,802,870 presences. Source Municipality of Rimini).

The promoting company is Th Flow SRL, a company that manages public establishments: bars, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés and kiosks.

In addition, it is important to know that ARGOS will carry out the monitoring of this type of projects, so there will be permanent control of the destination of all the capital contributed by investors.

                                   Invest in Rimini with our new project!

*The annual return is the percentage of profit or loss that would be obtained if the investment period was 1 year. It will apply to all projects in which the EARLYIELD icon will appear.

1) Development Loan: 12-month fixed rate loan to the real estate developer where interest is distributed monthly and the principal is amortized at the end of the project.

2) Flex Contract: The Promoting Company may activate an extension of a single duration of 6 months to the expiration date of the contract, communicating it to Housers at least one month in advance. This extension will lead to an increase on the interest rate agreed upon in the return of capital, resulting in this project, an annual interest of 10.5% during the extension. This information is found in more detail in Article 3.3.1 of the Loan Agreement.

3) It is the total return on investment. It takes into account the total term and the annual fixed interest agreed by the promoter. For more details see the Promoter's Report.

350 m2
- Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms



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1 Commercial Premise
Project Funded
201 Investors
100,000.00 €
Term: 12 months
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Annual Yield

8.50 %


8.50 %
Term: is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
Total profitability: is the estimated total return on the investment. It takes into account the term and the fixed annual interest agreed by the developer.


Funding started

September 11, 2019

Funding completed

September 12, 2019