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This project benefits of EARLYIELD: the latest feature that enables you to get an annual yield of 10% from the first moment in which you make your investment. For more information, check our blog

This project has Flex Contract, a new type of contract that has a duration of 12 months, that can be expanded up to 6 more months. For more information check out our blog

New development loan opportunity in the south of Portugal: Amyra Parque, with  a total yield of 8,75% in 12 months! (with the possibility of an exstension of 6 months)

Type of opportunity: Loan.                                            Modality: Development Loan (Flex Contract)1

We introduce you to Amyra Parque, a new development loan opportunity which consists in the granting of a loan to a project developer for building a show house so that the buyers of the other 60 houses can see how their properties will look like once they’re finished. The opportunity is located in the region of Algarve, Portugal. 

Why invest in Amyra Parque?

  • Privileged locations in the Algarve near the spectacular Praia Grande beach which is protected and the Salgados Lagoon. 
  • The total yield is 8,75% in 12 months. 
  • It's a fixed rate opportunity, so you don't have to wait for the sale of the houses, you'll start to get revenue from the first month until the promoter pays off the entire loan.
  • This opportunity presents a Scoring BBB
  • The promotor has a proven track of Real Estate records.

Amyra Parque occupies one of the most privileged locations in the Algarve near the spectacular Praia Grande beach which is protected by sand dunes rich in natural flora and close to Salgados Lagoon and wild bird sanctuary. The lakes and ponds will be a major feature including a natural swimming lake with no chemicals, just water! 

A few minutes away to the North lies the historic, castle-town of Silves, formerly the capital of the region and home to many typical restaurants, bars and cafés. Nearby, the old town of Armação de Pêra, a fishing village dated back to the 17th century, has some of the best fish and seafood in the Algarve.

Amyra Parque is well placed to take advantage of the excellent sporting activities in the area, particularly Golf.


The villas and apartments have been designed to ensure maximum comfort, to provide an inside/outside lifestyle to take advantage of the setting and the climate whilst employing the latest technology to create a high level of sound and thermal insulation allied to high quality, stylish finishes.

Energy self-sufficiency is the aim along with sensible measure to reduce waste and to deploy captured and residual water for irrigation, the result being the most ecologically advanced resort in the Algarve.

The villas and apartments are bright and airy with spacious, aesthetically pleasing living areas opening onto large terraces and garden areas.

Constructed with natural, modern materials that are over 40% more thermally and acoustically efficient than conventional buildings, the residences are superbly comfortable and adaptable for both long and short stays.

There will be two types of villas: 

2 bedrooms-villa with a total area of 135 m2

3 bedrooms-villa with a total area of 175 m2

There will also be two types of apartments:

2 bedrooms ground floor - apartment with a total area of 120 m2 and 40 m2 composed by a garden and a terrace

2 bedrooms first floor - apartment with a total area of 120 m2 and 40 m2 composed by a garden and a terrace


The developers TOUCHPRESTIGE LDA have a long track record of business activity and property development in Portugal. The group has over 25 years of successful activity and have developed business parks, Holmes Place Health Clubs, 4 tourist resorts in the Algarve and a significant amount of residential refurbishments in various parts of the country.


Invest in this amazing project Algarve!

1.Flex Contract: The Project Developer may activate an extension of a single duration of 6 months from the date of expiration of the contract by giving Housers at least one month's notice. This extension will be accompanied by an increase in the interest rate agreed on the repayment of capital, resulting in an annual interest rate of 9.5% for this project during the extension. This information is more detailed in article 3.3.1 of the Loan Contract.

135 m2
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

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1 Show House
Project Funded
632 Investors
250,000.00 €
Term: 12 months
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Annual Yield

8.75 %


8.75 %
Term: is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
Total profitability: is the estimated total return on the investment. It takes into account the term and the fixed annual interest agreed by the developer.


Funding completed

September 18, 2019

Funding started

August 09, 2019