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Type of Opportunity: Loan.                                                                      Modality: Fixed Interest (rent)

New Fixed Interest (rent) opportunity in the north of Madrid: 18% in 36 months! The annual yield is 6%. 

Modular Home consists in the granting of a loan to a project developer in order to construct a modular building with swimming pool in the area of Las Rozas (Madrid). The building will be used as a showroom. 

It is important to underline that: 

● The annual interest is 6% and the total one is 18% in 3 years. 

● The site is already owned by the developer, the building permission has already been requested (back in January 2019) and only the favorable report of the City council is missing to begin the works.

● The project developer is a solid company with many years of experience in the innovative modular methodology of construction. 

● Being a fixed interest loan, you will obtain income from the very first month until the developer amortizes the loan. 

● As an investor, you can always sell your investments through the Direct Communication Channel (DCC).

● The opportunity’s scoring is AA. If you are willing to know more about the scoring system, click here

The opportunity is located in Las Rozas of Madrid, a municipality that belongs to the community of Madrid: it is one of the municipalities with the highest income per capita in Spain. 

Las Rozas of Madrid is a residential area of the capital city of Spain and that’s located in the natural environment of the Manzanares Cuenca Alta’s Regional Park which is an ideal site to escape from the chaos of the city. It is within 20 km from the center of Madrid. 

Las Rozas is very well communicated to Madrid: thanks to the train lines (RENFE Cercanías) and the various buses’ lines. Furthermore, it is only 20 minutes far from the center of Madrid

The showroom, located in Calle Machichaco 29, is a detached house with swimming pool and it will have the following distribution: 

A 86 m2 basement composed by:

  • Storage room. 
  • Garage.

A 273 m2 ground floor composed by: 

  • Kitchen 
  • Living room
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 1 toilet
  • 1 storage room

Furthermore, it is important to highlight the quality and typology of the construction of the house, bearing in mind that it will be used as a showroom/pilot house. The design will be self-sufficient and the structure will be modular prefabricated concrete. With energy certification A, the house will be completely self-sufficient both for electricity and drinking water, air conditioning and recycling of sewage for irrigation and garden (macrophyte plants). It will also be prepared for electric cars. 

The sponsoring company this project is Modular Home, a company that was born in 2004 with an ambitious innovative building project. Since then this contribution has been growing, making new optimizations and improvements in a new way of working and understanding an "installation" through a program and planning. The main objective of MODULAR HOME is to make the most of the possibilities offered by reinforced concrete in terms of design, structural safety, finishes, power, speed of execution and adaptability with other systems.

In addition, it is important to know that GOC will carry out the monitoring of this type of projects so that there will be a permanent control of the destination of all the capital provided by investors.

Invest in Las Rozas of Madrid!

359.54 m2
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms

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Project Funded
1,040 Investors
500,000.00 €
Term: 36 months
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Annual Yield

6.00 %


18.00 %
Term: is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
Total profitability: is the estimated total return on the investment. It takes into account the term and the fixed annual interest agreed by the developer.


Funding started

July 5, 2019

Funding completed

September 10, 2019

Relevant event

December 12, 2019