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Algarve Residence

Fixed interest<br>(rent) Fixed interest
Risk level B


The developer of the Algarve Residence project gives you the possibility to increase your yields up to +1,5%. Thanks to the amazing PLUSALGARVE promotion, you can reach 6,5% yields in 12 months. 

  • If you invest between 501€ and 1000€, you will get +0,25% yields. 
  • If you invest between 1001€ and 2000€, you will get +0,50% yields. 
  • If you invest more than 2001€, you will get +1,50% yields. *

New location to invest in the south of Portugal! Discover Algarve Residence, a new Fixed Interest Rent opportunity with a total return of 25% in 60 months. 

Type of opportunity: Loan.                                                                           Modality: Fixed Interest (Rent). 

The project developer has agreed to set aside the fees corresponding to the first 12 months in advance. The interests’ payments will be transferred monthly.

This new opportunity consists in the granting of a loan to a developer for the purchase of a two-floor building in the center of Faro, Portugal, to subsequently give way to a student residence with 23 rooms


Why invest in Algarve Residence?

  • It has an annual return of 5% and a total return of 25% in 60 months
  • The project developer has the obligation to pay, no matter if the apartments will be rented or not. In fact, you will start earning right from the first month after you made the investment. 
  • You will be able to sell your investments in the Direct Communication Channel (DCC);
  • This opportunity presents a scoring B;
  • Prime location: it is a premium opportunity.

The project includes the purchase of a building with a total gross construction area of 521 m2, consisting of two floors, a large roof terrace, and a patio at the rear of the building.

The building will be transformed into a student residence with 23 rooms (around 59 beds) of individual and shared type. In addition, it will also have the following facilities for common use:

  • 3 individual study rooms
  • 1 group study rooms
  • Library
  • Living rooms
  • Parking
  • Dining room
  • Swimming Pool and Gym

The student residence will also offer laundry services and a full meal regime. The monthly fee for the rooms will vary between 195 and 450 euros, depending on the type of room. 

The project is located at Rua Miguel Bombarda nº5/9, a privileged location in the center of Faro and 500 meters from the Faro Docks. The area offers all kinds of services and shops. The University of the Algarve and the beach area are just a 10-minute drive from the residence

The company promoting the project is DEAR DYNASTY LDA. For several years, the two partners of the company have developed projects in the real estate sector, namely in the purchase of Real estate, rental and operation of accommodation for tourists. The wide experience accumulated and the increased complexity of the business made them decide to evolve to more entrepreneurial management of the business through the establishment of the current company. They currently own 19 properties, of which 2 are for local accommodation, 7 are transferred to Dear Dynasty Lda. for operation and the rest is placed on the rental market.

Diversify your portfolio with a new location in Algarve!

* Non-cumulative promotion. Valid only for investments in the project ALGARVE RESIDENCE with a minimum amount described above. In the event that each of the above minimum amounts for the application of the promotion has been reached, it will be applied automatically with retroactive effect. In the case of having invested in ALGARVE RESIDENCE without reaching the minimum amounts, it will be sufficient to make a new investment to reach the minimum amount established. The increase in profitability will be applied for 60 months of the total investment. The percentage increase will depend on the total amount invested in the ALGARVE RESIDENCE project.

521 m2
23 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms



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1 residence
Project Funded
1,001 Investors
507,155.00 €
Term: 60 months
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Annual Yield

5.00 %


25.00 %
Term: is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
Annual Profitability: it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. The interests will be divided monthly.
Total profitability: is the estimated total return on the investment. It takes into account the term and the fixed annual interest agreed by the developer.


Rental income paid

May 13, 2020

Funding completed

July 4, 2019

Funding started

April 9, 2019