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Risk level C
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Average IRR equivalent projects

9.93 %


18 months

Average IRR equivalent projects: average rate of opportunities of this type considering the characteristics of the property (type, risk, city, area and square meters) concluded until today. It is used to evaluate, from a financial perspective, the profitability of a project or set of projects and compare it with other types of investment in the market; it is always expressed as a percentage. HOUSERS calculates the IRR considering the set of income over the life of the different projects in each of its typologies. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

TERM: is the estimated duration of the investment.

Acquisition1 921,644.00 €
Investment2 164,356.00 €
Mortgage3 - 312,000.00 €
Funding Goal 774,000.00 €

1 - Acquisition of the opportunity including all expenses related to the transaction: acquisition price, taxes, paperwork, legal costs and the mortgage arrangement fees.

2 - Corporate Legal Expenses, Deductable VAT supported and repairs provision. Also in case of renovation: Renovation costs, taxes, legal fees etc.

3 - Mortgage Amount.

The maximum term to invest in this opportunity may be extended by an additional 25% term originally planned in accordance with the Law 5/2015 to promote business financing. Likewise, if the opportunity / project had reached at least 90% of the HOUSERS financing objective, the total objective could be effectively completed.