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    A new investment opportunity: the condo-hotel In recent years, we have witnessed a true revolution with the emergence of the sharing economy disrupting traditional sectors and forcing conventional businesses to rethink their business models. Platforms [...]
  • Spanish Real Estate
    INVEST IN SEVILLE FROM YOUR SOFA We are continuing our national expansion here at Housers, and now we are headed off to Seville, the capital and largest city in the autonomous community of Andalusia! Seville [...]
  • Crowdfunding universe
    What is the Marketplace? Thanks to the Marketplace* you will be able to get in touch with the project developer and the investors interested in buying and acquiring loans once the different opportunities are financed [...]
  • Crowdfunding universe
    Good news! We are pleased to announce a great and very positive strategic alliance: EVO Banco has decided to ally with Housers to offer all its clients access to alternative financing: invest in real estate [...]
  • Crowdfunding universe
    The year 2017 was the year of the consolidation of Portugal and 2018 promises to return to be a year of intense activity in the country, especially in Lisbon and Porto. The main cities of [...]