Now everyone can invest
in European property

Why Housers?

Southern European properties present excellent investment opportunities

  • We select properties in cities appointed by experts as the best places to invest, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Milan or Lisbon
  • The market is in an upward cycle: Southern European market has high growth potential for the upcoming years
  • Most of our properties are selected in Spain: named2nd best country in Europe for foreign investment

Earn monthly and grow your capital

  • You will receive monthly earnings from the rent of the opportunities you invest in
  • Meanwhile the value of your investment increases with the valuation growth of the opportunities
  • Invest in South European property to diversify your portfolio and protect your savings

It's flexible and easy

  • You can easily step in and out of the opportunities via our platform. Whether you have an unexpected necessity or you want to harvest benefits
  • 100% online, invest comfortably from home without any paperwork
  • Now anyone from all over the world can invest in the European property market

Why Housers?

Because our experts select the best opportunities.

And your investment is backed by a physical asset.

Because through our online platform you are in control.

Decide when, where, and how much to invest. With the liberty to sell whenever you want.

Provides a monthly income and savings for the future

And we only charge you fees if your investment generates profits.

Our numbers speak for themselves

We carefully select exclusive opportunities with high yields and high security located in the best European cities.

How it works:

Register and create a free account
You will be granted access to all the available information regarding our opportunties.
Activate your account and start investing
With your Housers account activated you can now begin investing. Through bank transfer or credit card.
Choose from different types of opportunities
Browse the different opportunities on our platform and choose those that suit you best and diversify as much as you need.
Manage and Make the Most of your Investments
Check your account to follow the evolution of your investments.

Introducing our opportunities

Javea II

Javea18 houses
136,529€ (27.31%)
225 Investors
29 days left
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12 months

ANNUAL YIELD: is the annual fixed interest rate.

TERM: is the agreed term of the loan.

Fernando el Catolico

Madrid1 apartment
275,501€ (94.22%)
546 Investors
4 days left
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ANNUAL YIELD: is the estimated annual yield of the investment taking into account the revenues and the costs of the opportunity.

HPI: Housing Price Index (HPI) is the value growth in the last 12 months of the square-meter price in the area where the property is located.

La Boladilla Village

Marbella8 Luxury Villas
1,232,602€ (94.82%)
1,395 Investors
10 days left
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12 months

ANNUAL YIELD: is the annual fixed interest rate.

TERM: is the agreed term of the loan.

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