Promotion code: WELCOME100

Aplicable code from 17/11/2022 up to 22/03/2023.


Promotion characteristics

Valid from 17/11/2022 until 22/03/2023 for your first investment only. Apply the code: WELCOME100. If the minimum investment of the project invested is 200€ or more, the promotion will be 100€, and if the investment is less than 200€, the promotion will be 50€.

The promotion is cumulative with other promotions, except for the amigo promotion. The amount of money given for this promotion can only be used to invest in Housers and in no case can it be withdrawn. Only applicable to investments in opportunities in the financing phase. The promotion will be effective on the last day of the month following the closing of the financing objective of the project in which the first investment has been made and must be used/redeemed within a maximum period of 1 month from the crediting of the same in the wallet.