Aplicable code from 11/09/2020 up to 07/10/2020.


Promotion characteristics

For each 900€ invested in Eco Living Resort you win one free night in the Solar da Cerca do Mosteiro villa!

For each 900€ invested in the Eco Living Resort project you will win a voucher that offers one night in a villa for 4 people or two nights for two people with breakfast included and access to the gardens and swimming pool of the Hotel Solar da Cerca do Mosteiro, in Portugal (www.solardomosteiro.com). It also includes a typical/traditional Alcobaça dinner. If you invest 1,800€ you will win two vouchers, if you invest 2,700€ you will win three vouchers, and so on. The promotion is accumulative to other promotions and it is retroactive. Only applicable once the project is funded. Valid from the 11/09/2020 until the project's funding is reached. The promotion benefits can only be used from 01/01/2021 until 31/12/2023, introducing the code on the website (www.solardomosteiro.com). Once the funding of the project is completed, the code will be sent personally to each investor who fulfils the conditions of the promotion. This promotion, offered by the developer, is limited to 1,000 vouchers, and will be given to the first investors who meet the conditions of the promotion.