The number of sold properties in this autonomous community has reached 4.304 in the second trimester of 2016 which means a 116,6% growth compared to last year according to the statistics of the Ministry of Development of Spain. Seeing the property data by autonomous communities 17 of them have increased the number of sold properties in this trimester and only one decreases. The percentages of growth are very high starting with Cataluña (+27,9%), followed by Asturias (+23,4%), Balearic Islands (+23,3%), Aragón (+19,8%) and Extremadura (+19,4%). The only region that has decreased this numbers is Navarra (-7%).

In this past three months 123.159 properties were sold in Spain, over a 15% more than the same period last year. This numbers show how this is the perfect opportunity to invest in the real estate market in Spain.

Foreigners living in Spain have bought in the past year 20.444 properties, 19.1% more than last year. Foreigners that do not live in Spain have bought an 8% more than last year.

This numbers are expected to grow even more in the following months since it is not only the volume of purchase that is growing, but also the prices are increasing substantially. Many investors are starting to invest in Spain and Housers can help them with that.

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