If you are starting your business through a small company, coworking spaces are an increasingly popular trend that you should keep in mind.

We can find these types of spaces in most important cities and in some smaller ones. These types of agreements offer the possibility of renting spaces in a place dedicated to businessmen and professionals. In most of these agreements, you will have the opportunity to choose the type of shared workspace that best suits your needs and preferences.

The benefits of Coworking

Coworking is a work style that implies a shared environment. What differentiates it with a typical office environment is precisely that coworking spaces are not usually used by the same organization.

Coworking is a work style that is very attractive for home work professionals or freelancers. Even people who travel frequently and who end up working in isolated places.

In this way, coworking is becoming a solution to the isolation problem that many freelancers experience, and it is also becoming a reference for the momentum of startups or business expansion.

Coworking is a social gathering of a group of people who work independently. But at the same time these people share a series of values, ranging from friendship, to professional ethics. The synergy that can occur when working with people who value working in the same place as others is very interesting.

More tan just physical benefits

The benefits of coworking do not have to be only physical. They can also be obtained through online communications. In fact, it is recommended to start with the construction of a coworking community, before considering the opening of a physical place.

However, it is true that there are spaces of this style that work without previously building a community. Simply establishing a job site.

What is sought is that those who rent these positions are independent professionals, remote workers, and also small and medium enterprises, which in addition to needing a space, seek a community with a spirit of collaboration.

Coworking is a different space than accelerators of startups, incubators or executive suits, since these types of spaces are often lost in the social, collaborative or informal aspects of the process.

Unlike this, in coworking, management practices turn out to be much closer than those of a cooperative, including a community approach, rather than seeking the particular benefit exclusively.

Some of the advantages in coworking spaces can be the following:

You just have to worry about one payment per month.

When having an office, you usually have to worry about making certain payments in the same month, such as public services, rent, internet connection, etc.

When you access a coworking agreement, you can usually save yourself the worry about all those payments. In the most basic price you usually have the possibility of accessing a good internet connection. In addition to obtaining limited access to a private office or conference room for meetings.


Starting a business can be a lonely task sometimes. These types of spaces usually bring together creative and motivated people with whom we can share ideas and benefits.

In addition, some coworking spaces facilitate activities after working hours. Offering leisure hours or recess times. It is a way to find interesting and inspiring people to help you be more productive.

Getting out of home

If you work from home and you are constantly interrupted by domestic obligations or family care, coworking can be an ideal way to have a place dedicated exclusively to work. And also, for an affordable price.

You will learn to build a business

You can learn in different ways. For example, through conversations with others in the space where interesting projects are being executed, or through specific dialogues with people that you know will help you solve certain problems that may arise.

You will have a professional space in which to receive customers

One of the main obstacles that new business owners must overcome is the fact that it seems a legitimate business.To be able to make good impressions to a potential investor or future partner, it is important to have an office space away from home, to be able to if you are in a prosperous part of the city. Coworking spaces are a perfect solution for this.