Summary 2021

We start this new year 2022 looking at a promising future thanks to the projects with the first-rank mortgage guarantee that Housers makes available to its investors.

2021 has been the year of consolidation of this new type of project, but also the year where we have achieved other important milestones that we will summarise below.

  •  We have financed twenty-four (24) projects, eleven (11) of the projects with first-rank mortgage guarantees. Since September, all the projects we have published have secured by mortgages.
  • The developers have returned more than thirteen (13) million euros to more than 13,000 investors in twenty-four (24) projects that have achieved an average return of 10.96%. Of the twenty-four (24) projects returned, fifteen (15) are from Spanish developers, seven (7) from Italian developers and two (2) from Portuguese developers. Among the Spanish projects returned in 2021, the Gran Canaria project stands out, the first mortgage-backed project financed in Spain and the first project returned by the developer in which the project’s investors obtained a return of 8.48%, higher than the initially expected return.
  • The website and the mobile application have improved, improving the dashboard, the way of displaying project information and allowing investment with Bitcoin.

2022 starts is the best viable way with the financing of the projects Residencial Borbón Norte (€550,000) and Nueva Alcayna (€450,000) and the publication of a new project, Valencia Residencial, where the first-rank mortgage guarantee provided by the developer to the investors represents 282% of the loan (real LTV of 35.36%).

The Housers team.