In May 2019 Housers pioneered the outsourcing of project risk analysis for the sake of greater neutrality and transparency. At that time the company chosen was Silva & Asociados, specialized in risk analysis. An exclusive methodology was created for the analysis of projects published on a participatory financing platform.

Today we can say, after 87 projects published on our platform with their corresponding risk analysis, that this step has been a great innovation within the crowdlending sector: no platform offers this at present and it shows Housers’ commitment to its investors.

Today we decided to take a new step by creating a group of companies that can provide this service always from the highest quality, with the highest levels of rigor and identical methodology.  The objective of the creation of this group is:

  • Reinforce neutrality and transparency with different sources of risk analysis based on the same comparable methodology.
  • Reduce project publication times.
  • Incorporate more knowledge and experience to the current risk analysis.
  • Eliminate the total dependence on a single external company, making the prices of the analyses more competitive.

Which companies make up the risk analysis group?

From today, the scorings of each project can be performed by the following companies with which Housers has agreements:

Proyectos Ciga

For more than 15 years they have successfully advised and brokered a large number of valuation transactions of companies and projects in various sectors, which allows them to understand and analyze companies of very different profiles, providing an external, aseptic and professional vision. It currently has more than 120 employees, 17 partners and 6 offices.


It is an independent financial and strategic advisory firm in corporate operations. The Carlac Capital team has been operating in the market for more than 20 years, with experience in first level firms in the financial sector, in industrial companies, and in venture capital. In addition, Carlac’s team has the support of an investment committee and strategic advisors of proven business success in the real estate sector. Among the outstanding operations in the real estate sector are: the acquisition of Servihabitat, the purchase of 115 hotel establishments as a real guarantee or the advice to the Spanish SOCIMI Grupo Lar in the structure, valuation and capital raising for the investment of a new vehicle focused on residential assets.

Silva & Asociados

Based in Madrid, it is made up of professionals with extensive experience in strategic analysis, whose objective is to provide quality advice to small and family owned companies, covering all aspects related to the world of investment, disinvestment and financing. Among Silva & Associates’ main clients are ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS S.A., SACYR S.A., EROSKI, SCHWEPPES, KIA Spain. Silva & Associates always acts from the consumer’s point of view and therefore, in our case, from the investor’s point of view. It is therefore important to highlight that the company’s strategy can provide greater transparency and impartiality when determining the score for a project. This is the one we have been working with since May 2019.

How does scoring work?

Scoring is defined as the objective or unbiased analysis of the main parameters of a company, a financial product or an investment project, with the purpose of obtaining an evaluation.

The aim is to achieve a “global scoring”. In order to achieve this objective, an analysis is made in 2 aspects:

  1. Static analysis: comparison of data at a fixed moment in time, this section includes Developer and Warranties. As for the promoter, the data that are taken into account are:
  • Experience of the promoter;
  • Number of projects of the promoter;
  • Liquidity ratios;
  • Debt ratios;
  • Asset management ratios;
  • Term ratios;
  • Profitability ratios;
  • Operating Ratios.

In parallel, a guarantee analysis is performed and, if the loan amount is covered, a category is increased. If the amount of the loan is not covered, one category is lowered.

2. Dynamic analysis: the parameters object of analysis for each type of project in each of its aspects are detailed.


The classification of the projects will be the same through an alphabetical scoring, very similar to the commonly accepted one, whose detail of levels and quality is the following:

Before May 2019, scoring was done by Housers Risk Department, which performed a comprehensive analysis of all risks associated with any of the opportunities.

What was Housers’ scoring based on?

In Housers we developed a scoring system. By means of a series of variables, a higher or lower score was offered depending on the risk:

  • 50% of the risk rating comes from the analysis from the real estate point of view of the opportunity;
  1. Location
  2. Promoter’s experience
  3. Selling price
  4. Construction
  5. Appraisal price
  6. Big Data Price.
  • The other 50% comes from financial analysis;
  1. Financial ratios,
  2. Working capital
  3. Creditworthiness models
  4. Warranties

And after this analysis the projects were classified in this way: