It’s the time for real-estate investment in Spain. Spanish real-estate investment market reaches its maximum. Investors from all over the world are targeting Spain as the new hot spot for property investments. During the first half of 2017 the volume of investment has reached 6.100 million Euros, 38% more than last year.

Besides traditional real-estate investment some huge operations have taken place during this period: The shopping centre Xanadú has been acquired for 530 million Euros; Blackstone acquired from BBVA bank a huge part of their property portfolio for 300 million Euros; and Edifício España, an emblematic building of Madrid has been purchased for 272 million Euros by Riu.

In the chart below you can see the evolution of real-estate investment in Spain in the past 10 years:

Until the end of the year real-estate investment will gather at least 10.000 million Euros

Investment experts and all estimations and studies indicate that this investment trend will continue to grow since the prices will continue to rise in the following years. It is estimated that until the end of the year real-estate investment will gather at least 10.000 million Euros, with big operations as the ones mentioned as well as traditional real-estate investment.

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