The property price in Spain have increased 2% in this second trimester of the year and now ascends to 1506,04€ /square metre. The prices are now a 2% higher than last year and 0,9% higher than the first part of this year. This growth marks the 5th consecutive trimester of nominal increases on price of property. It is also anticipated that the demand of property will grow a 12% in 2016. That means that there will be approximately 440.000 sales this year, 11% more than 2015.

According to the statistics published yesterday by the Ministry of Development of Spain there are some autonomous communities whose prices have been particularly growing: Balearic Islands (5,9%), Madrid (4,8%), Catalonia (4,6%),and Canary Islands (2,8%). These statistics reinforce Housers strategy in our bet for big cities, whose growth have been even higher than in the rest of Spain. Madrid and Catalonia, heads of the price continuous growth, are the cities where we have targeted most of our properties until

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