In today’s article we want to talk about a new trend in the real estate sector: modular construction.

Modular construction is having very good reception in our country, and its benefits compared to the traditional construction are many. Continue reading below to find out all the advantages of this type of construction.

What is modular construction?

Modular houses are built in factories under strict industrialized processes, just as if they were a piece of furniture. An excellent alternative to the houses of traditional construction.

The modular dwellings come from the union of standardised building elements from whose combination a building is born. Each module corresponds to a separate room such as a bathroom, a kitchen or a living room. Fast delivery times and competitive prices are some of its main advantages.

In recent decades the sophistication of modular housing has increased and thanks to new methods and technologies, large modules can be built and transported anywhere. This has allowed modular houses to become a great choice for those looking for a holiday home or a permanent home.

Benefits of modular construction

Modular construction allows you to save many costs during the construction process. In addition, their delivery times are considerably shorter than in traditional construction.

But the advantages of modular construction don´t end here. Modular construction is developed under detailed criteria and rigour. The construction system of these dwellings, based on concrete panels don´t require special maintenance and the production processes are subject to greater control tan how it would be in a traditional work.

Another benefit of modular housing is energy efficiency. Due to the materials used in their manufacturing process and the reduction of holes and air currents, they have an excellent thermal insulation system. This helps you achieve thermal comfort within it, reducing air conditioning systems and consequently helps you to reduce costs on electricity and gas bills.

Modular dwellings can be easily dismantled, thanks to the fact that the modules are ready to be assembled and disassembled, allowing the dwelling to be moved from one place to the other. In addition, the possibilities for reform and expansion are always open, as thanks to its modular construction new spaces can easily be added. This characteristic is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of modular dwellings, as dwellings are perfectly adapted to the needs that may arise in the future.

Invest in modular housing

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