Now you can make your Investment Liquid. Discover our Marketplace.

From now on you can sell your investments in all opportunities (BUY-TO-LET, BUY-TO-SELL and DEVELOPMENT LOAN) at the price you choose through our Marketplace.

This new feature is available to everyone including our tax residents outside of Spain.

How? Thanks to the creation of the Marketplace between the project developer and the investors interested in buying and acquiring loans once the different opportunities have been financed in their first stage.

This way, an investor can publish in the Marketplace an interest to sell his/her titles and awaits for someone to be interested. In no time, the project developer secures the sale. Depending on the price you set, it will be more or less interesting for potential buyers.

In this article, we will briefly and simply explain the general operation of the Marketplace.

General rules of operation of the Marketplace

The sale of your investment through this new feature is really simple, through an intuitive and easy system.

Until now, only the BUY-TO-LET opportunities had this feature, but from now on you can do it with all the new opportunities that reach financing including BUY-TO-SELL and DEVELOPMENT LOANS.

Quarterly, through the Big Data tools, the market value of a unit will be published in each of the savings projects. This valuation is just a reference, you can give your investment the price you think is convenient.

NOTE: In the BUY-TO-LET opportunities it is important to take into account that the interest derived from the economic exploitation of the real estate or InstantRent will be paid to the holder that has the investment in his account at the time of accrual (the last day of the month previous) to the deal.

General rules for sale in Marketplace

To be able to sell your investment totally or partially, you must take into account a series of fundamental issues:

  • The value of your investment at the start is 1 euro per loan unit.
  • You decide how much of your investment you want to sell and to what amount1. The minimum amount is 50 euros and the maximum amount is your entire investment.
  • Your intention of sale is communicated by you to the project developer and he/she publishes it in the Marketplace waiting for someone to be interested. In no time, the project developer secures the sale. Depending on the price you set, it will be more or less interesting for potential buyers.
  • The sale orders you establish cannot be sold partially. In other words, if you offer 1,000 loan units at a certain price, the buyer can only buy all the rights at that price. We recommend not selling large packages to facilitate your divestment.
  • You can only have one sale order per project.
  • The sale orders will expire in 30 days if they are not sold, this will facilitate the sale and search of potential buyers.

General Rules for Purchasing in the Marketplace

For the purchase of titles of opportunities in the Marketplace, you must bear in mind that:

  • By default, sale orders for a specific opportunity are displayed in order from the cheapest price to the most expensive price.
  • You have the possibility to order the orders by price or by available volume. Thus, you can find the package that best fits your needs.
  • Depending on the amount you want to buy the unit price of purchase will vary. What will be shown will be the average purchase price of the selected loans.
  • The offered packages cannot be acquired partially. That is, if there are 1,000 loan units offered at a certain price, you can only buy all the rights at that price.
  • The promotions associated with a specific opportunity are not inherited by the buyer in the Marketplace (with the exception of InstantRent in the case of buy-to-let opportunities).

As a buyer in the Marketplace, it is also important that you bear in mind that in the vast majority of cases these opportunities will already be underway and generating interest, so in most cases, you will be able to know the real returns. Likewise, in the case of BUY-TO-LET opportunities, you will be able to know how much rental income is being generated.

As always, the most important thing is that you analyze the projects well before investing, that you diversify your investments as much as possible and if you have any doubts consult with your private advisor.




1 The liquidity of the investment is never assured. For the purchase and sale of your investment will always be necessary the existence of a counterparty (buyer) that accepts the offer of the seller

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