You can now step in and out of your investment whenever you want with Housers


The market place has finally arrived!

Starting today, you can put your units on sale so other investors can buy them at the price you choose. The real estate market has finally become liquid!

Now, you can step in and step out of projects whenever you want. Project duration and funding periods don’t apply to you anymore! You want to capitalize gains? Place a sales order! You see a project that has excellent yields, but has been financed already? Buy units from other users that want to sell their investment. This opens a whole new dimension to the Housers experience. Real estate market with liquidity, we’d almost call it a Housers 2.0!

Start buying on the marketplace now with no fees: until the 31st of August 2017, you can buy units on the marketplace without any purchase fees.

This first version of the market place will only be available to place sales orders, but stay tuned, because in a future version you will also be able to place bid orders.

In this article, we will explain briefly and simply the general operation of the Market Place


General rules of the market place

Our goal has been to develop the operation in the simplest and most intuitive way possible.

The market place is  enabled only for savings opportunities. Since the marketplace feature is currently exclusively open to savings opportunities, the first projects that are available on the marketplace are Reina, Malvarrosa and Col di Lana. Once Donadoni and Monec are financed, they will also become available.

Quarterly, through our Big Data tools, we will offer you the market value of a unit in each of the savings projects. This rating is only a reference; you can give your titles the price that you think is convenient.

It is important that you keep in mind that the interest derived from the economic exploitation (rental payments) or InstantRent will be paid to the holder who holds the title in his account at the time of payment, regardless of how long one has had it in his portfolio.


General rules for unit-sale in the market place

In order to sell your titles please take into account the following series of recommendations and tips:

  • The value of each unit when issued is 1 euro per title.
  • You decide how much of your investment you wish to sell and the amount you wish to sell it at. The minimum amount is 50€ and the maximum amount is the total value of your units.
  • The sales order that you establish cannot be partially sold. That’s to say, if you offer 1,000 titles at a set price, the buyer can only buy all of the titles at that set price. We recommend not putting large packages on sale to facilitate your divestment.
  • You can only have one sales order per project at the same time active on the Market place


General rules for the purchase of units in the market place

For the purchase of units in the savings opportunities please take the following into account:

  • By default, the sales orders of a particular opportunity will be showed in order from the lowest price per title to the highest price per title.
  • You have the possibility of organizing the sales orders by price or by volume available. This way, you can find the package of titles that best fits your needs.
  • The unit price will vary depending on the number of titles you wish to buy. The number shown will be the average price of the selected titles.
  • The packages offered for sale cannot be partially acquired. That’s to say, if there are 1,000 units offered at a set price, you can only buy all of those units at that set price.

As a buyer of titles in the market place it is also important to take into consideration that in the majority of cases, these opportunities will already be in place and generating interest so that in most cases you will be able to know the actual returns.

As always, the most important factors are that you thoroughly analyze the projects before investing and diversify your investments as much as possible.

In upcoming articles, we will explain in detail how to buy and sell your titles.

If you have further questions, please contact us at or +34 911 450 390. We would also appreciate any suggestions that come to mind so that we can improve your experience and better our services.


*This platform reserves the right to activate or not activate the market place in any type of project, regardless of its modality. This document does not imply that the platform can change the conditions at any time and at its own discretion.

** In no case is the liquidity of an investment guaranteed. For the sale of titles, it will always be necessary to have a counterpart (buyer) to complete the sales transaction.

Housers does not provide financial advice and nothing in this website should be interpreted as such. The information in these pages is for general information purposes only and does not constitute specific advice. None of it is a recommendation to invest. If you have any doubt about the suitability of an investment, you should look for independent financial advice. The information published on the Web regarding the various investment alternatives can not be considered as investment advice, taking therefore the value of commercial communications of a general nature. The investor will be independent of his/her decisions, and should not be based on the special trust between them and Housers and implies that the investor has carried out the checks, studies and analyzes what they consider relevant for the decision. The value of your investments can go up or down. You can contact us at

There is risk of total or partial loss of invested capital, risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return and liquidity risk to recover its investment. In the case of shareholdings, there is also the risk of dilution, of not receiving dividends, of not being able to influence the management of the company and the restrictions on free transferability inherent in its legal regime.

The capital invested is not guaranteed by the investment guarantee fund or by the deposit guarantee fund.