In June we are celebrating 2 years in Italy that’s closing its second year of activity with a total investment of about 14 million euros and 23 projects funded all over the country.

According to the Global Investment Atlas 2019 developed by Cushman & Wakefield, Italy is currently living a positive trend in terms of Real Estate investment. In 2018, the total investment amounts of 8.4 million: it represents a contraction but, after 5 years of constant growth, Italy still remains above the last 10 years average. The Italian Real Estate market has been expanding and, despite the volatility, it remains solid and dynamic.

Milan: the Real Estate investment capital of Italy

Once again, Milan represents the core of the Italian Real Estate investments: in 2018 more than 40% of the total national movements took place here. It has been estimated that in the next 10 years Milan will shine the most, comparing to other European capitals, such as Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Dublin, and Madrid. This is due to its high capacity in terms of Real Estate investments: in 10 years it can reach up to 13,1 billion euros.

Since the launch of Housers Italy, our investors have already given more than 6 million euros to Italian Real Estate developers. This figure represents the high interest that our investors have in Italy as well as their high loyalty to the Italian developers.

Col di Lana was the first Housers project in Italy. It was a Buy-To-Let opportunity with a length of 240 months that was founded in June 2017. It is located in one of the trendiest areas of Milan: the Navigli neighborhood. The project was closed on the 29th of April 2019 and the results were pretty positive. The initial annualized IRR was 3,9% and the final one was 3,29%.

Our Italian projects

However, it seems that Italian real estate investments are not concentrated only in Milan. As a matter of fact, on 25 June 2019, the first Housers’ development loan opportunity in Italy ended. It was the case of Macchia Romana, a project located in Potenza, whose initial annualized IRR was 9% and its final annualized IRR is exactly the same.

Macchia Romana has, therefore, returned the capital to its investors in the time set for the launch of the project. This is good news for investors of the opportunity and it demonstrates the commitment of the Italian Real Estate developers who want to finance their real estate projects through Housers.

Actually, there are two Italian projects on-sale on our platform.

It is the case of the brand new Future Living Pistrucci, in the very heart of Milan. It is a development loan with a total yield of 15% in 18 months and it consists in the granting of a loan for the purchase and rehabilitation of a building where there will be constructed 21 apartments.

The second Italian project is Oasi Rimini, another development loan and the first Housers project in the Emilia Romagna region. Only a few minutes away from the beach, Oasi Rimini consists of the granting of a loan to a project developer for the construction of 4 buildings that will be part of a bigger residential building. The opportunity has an annual yield of 8% which can increase up to 9% thanks to the developer’s PLUSOASI promotion.

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