Diversify at Housers with different investment opportunities.

Invest in different investment opportunities! As you know, the CNMV (Spanish financial market regulator) has certified Housers as a Crowd Funding Platform (PFP- plataforma de financiación participativa), granting us the authorization to perform the two modalities that exist under the law: operations with limited companies (Ltd.) and loans.

We’re always insisting on reducing risks, and having a diversified portfolio is the best way to do so. However, not all opportunities incur the same risk or yields.

We would like to explain to you how we view that relationship for each product. From this very moment, all projects will show this level of risk/ rental yield through this system.

Types of Investment Opportunities

From now you will have the chance to invest in:

  1. Savings Opportunities
  • Saving (rent only).

Long term investments in which you will receive monthly income thanks to the rental income. Those projects do not have a set term to be sold, and you can sell your titles in our Marketplace as long as someone is willing to buy them. You benefit from the value growth of the underlying property  InstantRent applies*

  • Savings with medium term sale;: Investments in the medium/long term where you’ll receive a monthly income thanks to the rental income. Also your investment benefits from the value growth of the underlaying property This type of investment is one that presents a better reward/ risk ratio. The property will be eventually sold in approximately 60 months and if you still have it in your portfolio you will receive the cumulative yield upon the sale. InstantRent applies*

*InstantRent: Our new feature for our saving opportunities. With InstantRent you will start receiving the estimated annual yield from the day you invest. Every month from the moment you invest until the 6th month you will receive the estimated annual yield even if the project is not rented yet.

  1. Investment Opportunities.
  • Renovation investment: Opportunities between 6 and 36 months that don`t carry yields on rent, but upon the sale. They focus on the renovation and improvements in city centers through the full renovation of residential or commercial properties.
  • New build investment: Very similar to the previous type, the only difference is that they are opportunities destined to the construction of a new property.
  1. Fixed loan opportunities:
  • Promotion fixed loan: Opportunities between 12-36 months where a fixed rate loan is granted to a sponsor for the renovation and rehabilitation of the property. Income is generated from the first month in line with the previously agreed upon interest with the sponsor.
  • Promotion investment:  Very similar to the previous project, the difference is that the loan is granted for opportunities assigned to the construction of the new project and can contain the highest level of risk.

Naturally, the final yield of each opportunity will depend on each specific case and most importantly, the guarantees provided by the sponsor.

Relationship between yield and risk

In the following image you will see the relationship between the risk and the expected yield of each type of opportunity.

As you can see, the higher the risk, the higher the profitability yielded by the project. For that reason, the projects with the higher yields also carry a higher risk of loss.

Each person has a different savings/investor profile, however, we still recommend analyzing the opportunities in detail and diversify the most you can. As always, you are the one in control and know your situation best.


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