At Housers we continue to innovate, and we are pioneers once again!

After the launch of the app, the projects with a first rank guarantee, the independent external Scoring, now you can invest in our projects with Bitcoin.

Housers becomes again the reference in real estate crowdfunding in Europe.

This new functionality is possible thanks to the agreement with Criptan, Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, which will manage the exchange of BTC to EUR in a secure and transparent way for the user.

How to invest with Bitcoin?

The process to invest with Bitcoin is simple!

1. Select the payment method

To start investing with Bitcoins, the investor must choose this option as payment method. You must also accept the transfer of your identification data to Criptain (external company to Housers that provides the operation for the repayment with cryptocurrencies):


2. Complete the payment

From the mobile or the House app: the investor will click on “Complete the payment” to open the digital wallet where he stores his bitcoins. Alternatively, the investors will also have the possibility to copy the code of the operation to use it directly with their digital wallet.


From the rest of the devices, the user can scar a QR code from the app used as a digital wallet and where they store their Bitcoins. In addition, the investors will also have the transaction code if they prefer to copy and paste it directly into their Bitcoin digital wallet.


3. Authorize the transaction

The payment process will be completed by the investors from their own digital wallet authorizing the transaction. If the payment is completed successfully, the system will display a confirmation of completed investment window and the investors will receive an email with the annex I of the investment contract.

4. Investment made

Once the payment is completed and the operation is authorized, the Cryptan and Housers systems communicate with each other to confirm the Bitcoin to Euro conversion, completing the investor’s investment in the selected Housers project.

What is the cost of this new functionality?

The only cost that will be charged to the investors will be 1.95% of the total amount of the transaction. This cost corresponds to the Bitcoin to Euro conversion service and will be charged by Criptan.