shared apartments
shared apartments

For individuals who fancy renting rooms in a shared apartments in Spain, the average price they are looking at for this type of accommodation is 280.10 euros. This is based on a report published by

In the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, shared apartments account for 29.1% out of all the available offers. Meanwhile, 46% of the demand for rental apartment is concentrated in these two areas.

Further data from the same report shows a 54.8% tendency of females among future tenants of this accommodation type, while 45.2% are male. In addition, the typical age group for this type of accommodation is individuals between 18 and 25 years old, which accounts for 49.4% of the total.

According to Miguel Angel Alemany, managing director of, the largest part of the demand for shared apartments is in large capitals of Spain, since employment and training are offered in a higher. “Therefore, Miguel argues, the demand will never be absorbed by the supply, which ultimately results in an increase of rental prices”.

According to the Economist, the average cost of renting a room in Madrid is 470 euros, which is an increase of 50.1% since last year. In Barcelona, the average rental cost is 399 euros in 2016, which is an increase of 29.1%.

Among the various accommodation types that Housers target, a home with two bedrooms and bathroom is very frequent. These are attractive opportunies as they can also serve as a shared apartment.

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