In Housers, we aspire to be as transparent as possible, more than your broker, more than your bank, and more than any financial institution. After operating for over six months, we have now produced our first statistics.


The statistics represent the trust that our first investors have placed in us as a result of full transparency on our end.


Repeated investments on a monthly basis (%)

This first graph shows the percentage of investors that repeatedly invested on a monthly basis through Housers in relation to the total of people who invested in that particular month.


We can note that most months, a high percentage of investments were conducted by repeated investments from previously signed-up investors: thus testifying a high level of user satisfaction.
In January, we can see a sharp decline of investments due to the fact that many new investors joined Housers at the start of the year, which therefore decreased the rate of reinvestment from previous investors. As new investors tend to spend less money than investors who are reinvesting, naturally a decline occurs.


Repeated investments on a monthly basis (%)

This graph shows both the percentage of investors relative to the total that used the platform until the end of February.


With regards to investment volume, more than 60% of investments ranged from €500 to €4,999. This proves that even though the minimum investment is €100, the vast majority of investors choose to invest larger amounts of capital.
Monthly average investment

Average daily investment, each month

In these two graphs, we have collected data on investment volumes, both the average daily investment each month and the monthly average investment per buyer.


The average daily investment each month has gradually increased over the past few months. The factors behind this growth are very diverse, but one of the most important ones is the increased confidence and trust that investors have in Housers.


In the second graph we can see that the average investment per month at Housers is around €1,500.


In this table, we want to show information about each of our current opportunities.

Perhaps the most important aspect to acknowledge in this table is the average number of days it takes to complete a project.


We are proud to present you all this information and highly encourage you to share it as well.


The Housers Team