You can invest in 2 types of opportunities: fixed interest opportunities and participative loans.

The different types of operation address the need for diversification: each type of investment has its own characteristics and risks. To accumulate a large part of your investment in a single typology, guided only by the yields or by the duration, means a poorly diversified portfolio.

There are 3 fixed interest opportunities and they differ one to another depending on their investment objective as well as the loan characteristics. They are:


They are short-term investments that have a period of typically 6-36 months. The interest is fixed at the start of the loan and is not related to the outcome of the project. Interest is paid on a monthly basis and the principal is repaid at the end of the period of the loan. Typically additional guarantees are included in the loan agreement. The development loans are primarily used as mezzanine loans or bridge loans for the acquisition of land in order to start a new building.

HOUSERS has already launched 56 projects of this modality (at 04/04/2019).
The latest development loan is Il Faro: an Italian project with an interest of 9% in 12 months.


They are long-term investments (5 to 10 years) with monthly payouts. The project developer has the obligation to pay equally whether or not the property is rented. Therefore, you start earning income from the first month until the developer repays the loan.

HOUSERS has launched 4 projects of this modality so far (at 25/03/2019): Ciudad Gran Turia in Valencia, Capitan Blanco Argibay and Calle de Alcalá in Madrid and Select Seville in Seville.


They are short-term opportunities that typically have a 10-24 months period. The investor receives only one payment at the end of the project with the corresponding yield and capital. The project developer has the obligation to pay equally whether or not it is sold. These opportunities do not generate monthly income.

HOUSERS has launched 5 projects of this modality so far (at 04/04/2019): Plaza de Colón and Plaza de Colón II, Lago Constanza and Plaza de la Morería, all located in Madrid and Campani in Florence (Italy).


Buy-to-sell opportunities typically have a 12-24 months period. Upon the sale of the property, the investor receives the capital invested pluate monthly income (no rental income).  These opportunities do not generBuy-To-sell opportunities are participative loans. It means that the interest is an estimation depending on the results of the sale or the rent.

Housers has launched 50 Buy-To-Sell opportunities so far (04/04/2019): the latest one is Maldonado, a project located in Madrid with an average IRR equivalent projects of 9,93%.s the corresponding capital gains.