Madrid, 4th April 2020.

Dear investor;

From Housers we would like to let you know that our platform is operating as usual. We have been working remotely since the second week of March and our web services, which are cloud-hosted by Amazon Web Services, have not been adversely affected by the arrival of SARS-CoV2.

During this turbulent month of March:

  • The platform has continued attracting investment (€1.1MM). Whilst a substantial slowdown in investment was noted in the second half of March, mainly due to the ongoing uncertainty, the investment started to recover in the last days of March and the beginning of April. Our investors are looking ahead to a post-coronavirus world.
  • The projects in financing phase have been regularly completed; more precisely Tecnológico de Granada, Jardines de Cortiguera, Solar Park, AMG Costa Blanca IV and Genova Porto, which was funded yesterday with a total volume of €1.5MM.
  • We have distributed over 250,000 euros in interest to our investors during this month.
  • Several project developers have successfully completed their projects, returning interest and capital to investors. These include Príncipe de Vergara 91, Certosa, ILEX and Malvarrosa. They have been repaid nearly €1MM.
  • There are still purchase and sale operations going on, even with the restrictions imposed in each country. Today, we have been notified by a Portuguese developer that a property is being sold and capital and interest will be returned to investors in the upcoming days.
  • We have launched two new projects in the Housers Corporate line, which have already raised 300,000 euros in funding.
  • We have launched our App at the beginning of March and a new version was uploaded at the end of the month correcting bugs and adding some new functionalities. We will shortly start a communication campaign promoting the use of the App among our investors as well as attracting new investors.
  • Our Customer Service team continues providing phone and email assistance.
  • The CCD keeps operating normally.
  • We will launch a charity project, teaming up with other companies, to help in the fight against coronavirus. In the following days we will be giving further information.
  • We are working closely with the Fintech sector to ensure that the aid provided by the Spanish Government through the Official Credit Institute (ICO) can also be channelled by authorised crowdfunding platforms like Housers.

We are in constant evolution and improvement, as you can see. We are always looking to the future trying to anticipate, to offer the best financing and investment services to our clients.

The situation we are facing is extremely delicate: we still have hard times to go through, we still have to fight and work hard.

However, we have to start looking beyond: the world keeps moving forward. So does Housers.

Lots of courage and strenght to all of you. Stay safe.

Sgd. Juan A. Balcázar (Housers CEO)