Housers Corporate

Housers Corporate is our latest release. It consists on a new line focused on crowdfunding business projects that accepts all kind of companies from Spain and international markets, regardless the size or sector in which it operates.

What is Housers Corporate?

After launching Housers in 2015 dedicated to the Real Estate area, and Housers Green in 2019, aimed on financing renewable energy projects, we expand our activity with a third business segment to offer new investment alternatives and provide funding access to all kind of business ventures.

In this way, we keep on expanding the projects range for our investors, that are already more than 115,000.

As well as the real estate and renewable energy projects, Housers Corporate will be responsible for selecting, after an intensive feasibility study and risk analysis, all the projects presented to investors. The project scoring, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, will be carried out by Silva y Asociados SA, an external company specialized in risk analysis of real estate and business projects.

108 millions invested and more than 250 projects

Until today, we have launched 262 real estate projects in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Poland. The 30% of them have already been closed with an average IRR of 9.21%. Housers Green has successfully financed its first solar energy project (Sun Energy), created to enable its investors to venture into the world of renewable energies. With an expected yield of 10% in 24 months, 854 investors and 420,000 euros financed for the construction of 6 megawatts (Mw) for subsequent operation and sale.

For our CEO, Juan A. Balcázar, “the launch of Housers Corporate is a logical evolution of our platform and will allow us to expand our investment portfolio with business projects. Considering the complex access for enterprises to funding and the lack of incentives, a lot of innovative projects end up not being launched and financed. To release Housers Corporate we have the support of the most solid and advanced crowdfunding technology platform in the market and a team with 5 years of experience in crowdfunding operations”.