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The world keeps moving forward. So does Housers.

Madrid, 4th April 2020. Dear investor; From Housers we would like to let you know that our platform is operating as usual. We...

Housers launches a project for funding the first residence for university gamers

Housers launches a new Corporate project to finance the establishment of the first residence for gamers, located in Madrid, which will...
Housers Corporate

All together, #LetsWinThisBattle

At Housers, like you, we are closely following the news that arrives from all around the world about 2019-nCoV and the...

Housers ranked 17th fastest growing company

Iberinform, from the Crédito y Caución group, has drawn up a list identifying the 834 gazelle companies that are experiencing the...
Housers Green

Housers Green: Invest in renewable energies

Renewable energies have become essential for the change to a different energy consumption and the possibility of reducing CO2 emissions. What are...
Crowdfunding ¬ Crowdlending

Crowdlending and Crowdfunding

Crowdlending and crowdfunding are two very fashionable terms in terms of investment and financing, and in this article we will analyze...

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