It is never too late to start saving up and our buy-to-let opportunities are perfect to do so. Saving money should be a part of everyone’s financial goals, whatever your age. It is a mistake to think that it is not worth saving at least a small amount. Any amount is better than nothing.

Keeping your savings in your pocket means you will only have the amount you have, and even worse, over time you will be able to buy fewer things due to the inflation. However, investing, gives your money the opportunity to grow.

In this article we will explain in detail our BUY-TO-LET opportunities.


What are Buy-to-let Opportunities?

These types of investments may be those with a better yield / risk ratio. The purpose of Buy-to-let opportunities is to acquire, renovate (most of the times), and rent the property. These are long-term investments designed, studied and analyzed for you to build a pension plan based on real assets, at your own pace and always thinking about improving your standard of living by providing a new source of income, month by month, thanks to the rent.


How do you profit from our Buy-to-let Opportunities?

The yields in this type of opportunity are linked to two factors:

  • To the income obtained from the exploitation of the property via rent. You will receive it every month, in proportion to your investment.
  • To the value growth of the property while maintaining the investment in your portfolio.

You can read further about the advantages of investing in Buy-to-let opportunties here.


Enjoy InstantRent

Savings opportunities are the only type where you receive yields from the moment you invest, we call it InstantRent. Thanks to this feature, once you have invested in a Buy-to-Let opportunity, you don’t have to wait for the opportunity to be acquired, renovated, decorated or rented. In these opportunities you receive the estimated annual net yield for the rent from the first moment and during the first six months until the property is rented.


Get in and out whenever you want

Since these are investments designed to create savings and assets, you can buy or sell your investment through our Marketplace whenever you want!

In the following image you can see the relationship between risk/yield in our Buy-to-let opportunities:

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