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Features equity-type projects

Housers started its activity in 2015 offering investors equity-type projects framed within what is known as equity crowdfunding. We are talking about...

Advantages of the first rank mortgage guarantee

Within the real estate sector, it is common for loans to the developer to be secured by the delivery of a...

What is the LTV?

The LTV, an acronym for Loan To Value Ratio, is a financial term used to express the ratio of a loan...

Invest with Bitcoin in Housers projects

At Housers we continue to innovate, and we are pioneers once again! After the launch of the app, the projects with a...

Housers eliminates the commission to investors for interest or profit sharing

From 29 March 2021 (included) the investments you make in projects published on the platform will no longer have any commission...

Scoring system in Housers projects

In May 2019 Housers pioneered the outsourcing of project risk analysis for the sake of greater neutrality and transparency. At that...
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